4 Ways to Dominate Search Results and Drive Sales

They say three things matter in real estate: location, location, location. The same is true of digital real estate—being in the right locations dramatically increases your exposure to your target audience, helping you attract new customers and drive sales. In today’s world, ranking well in search results can be more effective than having a storefront in the heart of downtown, exposing huge numbers of consumers to your business and your brand. That’s why search engine optimization (SEO) is such an important part of many businesses’ branding strategies.

A Google search can return hundreds, thousands, or even millions of sites—but the average user usually only looks at the results on the first page. In fact, over 90% of the traffic from the average Google search goes to the 10 results on its first page, especially those on top (as the pie chart below shows). When consumers search for your business, you want your website and your other assets (for instance, social media pages and reviews) to fill that page. This kind of power—what experts call “first-page domination”—lets you control the digital content most associated with your business, helping you build your brand online.

3 Ways to Make Your App a Moneymaker in 2015

If you’ve made New Year’s resolutions in the past, there’s a good chance you’ve discovered that following through is not always easy. But if you’ve managed to heroically overcome forgetfulness, laziness, or the sheer deliciousness of that chocolate pie—you may have found that the key to success is keeping your eye on the prize. And if you’re looking to make your business’ app a moneymaker in 2015, it’s not hard to picture what your prize looks like: customers taking note of your business while on the go, checking out your catalog of goods and services, and ultimately buying more of them (either in person or through your app).

With that prize in mind, we’ve taken a closer look at how Foxspin-powered apps have performed in 2014. Having reviewed the numbers, we’re excited to offer you three profitable resolutions for getting more from your app in the coming year—each of them more fun than giving up sweets

How Foxspin’s New Store Feature Lets You Tap into Mobile Commerce

Remember the Black Friday of old? Crazed consumers getting up at the crack of dawn, thrifty techies braving the cold to get the best deals, responsible adults coming to blows over the latest clothes or gadgets or kids’ toys. Those were the days.

Welcome to the age of Cyber Monday. Where once upon a time consumers’ two choices were shopping in stores or conducting e-commerce from their home computers, today mobile commerce is remaking holiday shopping. Instead of rushing across town—or even walking to the computer room—today consumers can shop on their phones while still in bed. Instead of scrambling to open up shop and praying to not get trampled by a crowd of unruly shoppers, businesses can simply set up their apps to accept mobile payments. And while the holiday shopping season may be the most wonderful time of the year for e-commerce, a strong m-commerce plan can bring in some serious cash year-round.

Helping the Homeless with New App – Foxspin Meets NYC Rescue Mission

Most of us have been there at one time or another. We’re walking hurriedly along a city street when our mind registers a homeless person nearby, lying on a blanket on the sidewalk with a cup for coins. And despite our varying political convictions, for most of us the image evokes a powerful combination of empathy, compassion, and a genuine desire to do something to help out a fellow human in such dire straits. But even with the best of intentions, we’re generally at a loss as to how to turn that into action. Most of us are not social workers or aware of how to connect the homeless with help—shelters or services. So, we part with a couple of dollars, buy them some groceries, maybe a hot meal—and then, we keep walking. And by the time we turn the next corner, our conscience is scrubbed clean, along with the image of what we’ve seen, and we resume our everyday lives without further ado. We want to do more. We really do. But, what else can we do?

Well, as it turns out, quite a bit, with the mere click of our smartphone screen—thanks to the New York City Rescue Mission and their great new mobile app. The legendary philanthropic organization—the first of its kind in America—has been providing food, shelter, clothing, and hope to the needy of NYC since 1872. And to keep up with the times, they’ve recently collaborated with Foxspin to create an app that makes it easier than ever to tune into our inner altruist and offer practical help to people in need around the city, like directions to the nearest homeless shelter and information about the mission’s various services. The app is a also direct gateway to volunteering, raising awareness, and making donations.

How to Use Your Business App to Make this Your Best Holiday Season Yet!

We’ve barely emptied our plastic pumpkins of Halloween candy, and holiday mania is already upon us. Christmas carols serenading us while we shop, festive lights twinkling through windows, eggnog-flavored drinks at every coffee shop—but how does this season impact your business? For starters, huge numbers of consumers use their smartphones while shopping—roughly 44% of shoppers as of last year, according to data published in Harvard Business Review. With mobile taking such a central role in influencing purchases, your app presents a tremendous business opportunity this holiday season.

Holidays can be overwhelming, and many businesses want to take advantage of their apps but just don’t know where to begin. So this year, our special gift to you is our app-tastic calendar, wrapped up with holiday marketing tips and ideas to take you through the holiday season.

4 Recipes for Takeout Packaging Design that Sells

From childhood, we’re all taught not to judge a book by its cover. It seems, however, that this rule doesn’t apply to product packaging. That’s what researchers from the University of Miami and the California Institute of Technology recently discovered, in a study showing that the visual attractiveness of a food product can play a significant role in consumers’ purchase decisions.

In the restaurant industry, your takeout packaging design is one of the best “business cards” you can offer. It can draw in new customers, encourage loyalty in existing ones, and generally drive business. Making this happen doesn’t need to be an enormous project—there are several simple ways to create packaging with a design that’s memorable and creates customer loyalty.

Of course, culinary businesses aren’t the only ones that can boost their marketing efforts using effective packaging and other functional materials. Anything from CDs to beauty products to office supplies can come in a package, presenting tremendous opportunities for attracting and retaining customers.

Biz Beat: Spotlight on VP of Engineering James Ransom

Q: First off, what drove you toward engineering? Have you been tech-minded since diapers, or did something spark your interest down the line?

A:  My mother bought a computer for her court reporting job. One day I saw discs with a picture of Indiana Jones on the cover. I immediately began trying to install the game when she wasn’t home. Back then, installing software wasn’t trivial, but I eventually hacked config.sys to make it work! I was hooked on computers from that point on.

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